The Great Wall of Taroudannt: A Majestic Structure with Historical Significance

Taroudant, a pre-Islamic city, is one of Morocco’s oldest and southernmost traditional cities that still exist. It is surrounded by an eye-catching wall that will amaze you with its size, beauty, and, most importantly, the historical significance it holds. The walls of Taroudant have always tenaciously protected the centuries-old citadel, closely surrounding the historic medina. Today, they are a part of every Roudani’s daily life and provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about Morocco’s history while taking an amazing walk.

A Majestic Structure

The walls were built in the early 16th century by the Saadian dynasty and were maintained until the early 18th century. We can also distinguish construction periods by the materials used: adobe bricks, molded blocks, rammed earth. This amazing design helped Taroudant become an invincible castle over the centuries. The walls are over 8km long and reach in height from 8 to 14m. The enclosure defines the borders of the old medina on a 2km square. It is dotted with 130 towers and 19 corner bastions linked by a walkway. The walls are pierced by five original doors that are still in place. Several entrances have been added over the years to reflect the city’s evolution. Despite the impact of time, these fortifications remain beautiful, blending nicely with the Atlas Mountains in the background and the ambient light.

How to Visit the Building

You can go for a walk along the ocher walls, which alternate between towers and palm trees. The best time to visit is at dusk, when the warm light enhances the colors of the raw earth. At night, the city and its illuminated walls provide the ideal setting for a romantic stroll. The horse-drawn carriage is also an excellent way to immerse yourself in the experience. Don’t forget to check the site’s five historic gates: Bab al-Khamis, Bab Zourgan, Bab Oulad Bounouna, Bab Targhount, and Bab el Kasbah. Each one is a work of art in itself, adding to the splendor of the place. Discover the historic medina and the Saadian Kasbah located inside the enclosure at the end of the tour.

The discovery of these ramparts adds to Taroudant’s rich history, forged by the country’s multiple dynasties.

Did You Know?

Taroudant’s walls are the largest archaeological walls in Africa and the third largest in the world. It ranks after the Great Wall of China and the archaeological wall of Kumbalgarh in India.

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