Surf A Week at Anza

Embarking on a surf trip is always an adventure, filled with the excitement of exploring new waves and the challenge of mastering unfamiliar breaks. However, when time is limited, there’s something truly special about dedicating oneself to a single spot, immersing in its rhythms, and hopefully, by the end of the journey, catching more waves than one could by hopping from beach to beach. This was precisely the mindset I found myself in during my latest surf escapade. With only a week to spare, I was on the lookout for a spot where I could really dig my heels in, and thanks to a bit of serendipity and local insight, Anza became that place.

The journey to Anza was not without its hiccups—a minor detour thanks to a small navigational error. However, upon arrival, any initial skepticism was quickly washed away by the sight that greeted us. Contrary to our modest expectations, set low by the underwhelming conditions at other nearby spots, Anza presented itself as a surfers’ oasis. From the parking lot, we could see a perfect head-high peak breaking both left and right, a rare and inviting sight given the day’s general lack of swell elsewhere.

Without wasting a moment, we suited up in our neoprene, went through a brisk stretch, and paddled out into the welcoming arms of the ocean. While I could easily spend paragraphs recounting my attempts to master the wave (a generous use of the term “master”), I’ve opted instead to share a review of Anza’s surf from my own perspective. It’s worth noting that experiences can vary widely depending on skill level, and what I present here is very much through the lens of my own surfing capabilities, which are admittedly more enthusiastic than expert.

Anza, from this surfer’s point of view, is a gem. The wave itself is versatile, offering something for both left and right-handers, and its head-high break provides a satisfying challenge for intermediates while still being accessible for those looking to push their skills to the next level. The crowd factor, often a critical element in the enjoyment of a surf spot, was surprisingly manageable. Perhaps we were lucky with our timing, or maybe Anza is just one of those spots that hasn’t yet been overwhelmed by the surfing masses.

In reflecting on this experience, the value of spending a week at a single spot became abundantly clear. Not only did it afford me the opportunity to really get to know Anza’s waves—identifying the best take-off spots, understanding how the tide affects the break, and gradually improving my timing and execution—but it also allowed for a deeper connection with the ocean and the unique character of the place.

For surfers considering their next trip and wondering whether to explore far and wide or hunker down at one spot, Anza offers a compelling argument for the latter. In the end, the quality of the waves, the rhythm of the ocean, and the satisfaction of personal improvement made Anza not just a spot to surf, but a place to truly experience and appreciate. And isn’t that what surfing is all about?

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