The Medina Complex of Agadir: A Wild Dream

The Medina of Agadir is a tourism complex that stands out for its unique architecture and traditional charm. Situated in the southwest of Agadir city, in the district of Aghroud Bensergao, this complex was built in 1992 by the Italian architect Beato Polizzi. It was his dream to provide Agadir with a medina, and the result is a remarkable structure that captures the essence of the region.

A Contemporary Artisanal Setting

The Medina Polizzi spans across 4.5 hectares on the outskirts of a eucalyptus forest. It features numerous craft workshops, beautiful gardens, and an amphitheater. The architecture of the complex is a blend of the region’s traditional structures, Mediterranean influences, and African styles. The integration of the surrounding landscape, including the vegetation and natural light, adds to its allure. The design aims to showcase Agadir’s intangible wealth and cultural heritage.

A Cultural Center and Symbol of Rebirth

Since 2019, the Souss-Massa Regional Tourism Development Agency has been responsible for promoting and developing the Medina Polizzi. The site serves as a cultural center that celebrates the crafts and architecture of the Souss-Massa region, while also symbolizing the city’s rebirth. Exploring the complex offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the history and traditions of the region.

A Range of Activities for Everyone

Visitors can explore the complex for a fee of 40dhs/person and wander through its charming alleyways and gardens. The picturesque surroundings provide an ideal backdrop for capturing beautiful photographs. Children can enjoy rides on camels or horses, creating memorable moments. Artisan workshops and galleries offer the chance to witness traditional arts up close and even order custom-made souvenirs like babouches or jewelry. The Medina Polizzi also boasts a restaurant serving local dishes and an amphitheater that hosts cultural events.

Did You Know?

The old Agadir Medina, located at Kasbah Agadir Oufella, was completely destroyed during the devastating earthquake of 1960. Today, only a few remnants remain, enclosed by rebuilt ramparts. The Medina Polizzi carries a significant symbol as it pays tribute to the hundreds of Gadiris who lost their lives in this tragedy.

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