After a pause in international competition caused by a devastating earthquake in 2023, the International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) World Tour is set to make a grand return with the announcement of the “World Bodyboard Championship Moroccan Pro.” This eagerly awaited event is poised to unfold in the stunning locale of Anza Agadir, Morocco, from February 20 to March 2, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the world of bodyboarding.

A Collaborative Effort for a Historic Event

In an exciting development for the sport, the Royal Moroccan Surfing Federation and the International Bodyboarding Corporation have united to host the 2024 Taghazout Bay World Bodyboard Championship Morocco Pro. This collaboration underscores the event’s importance as a beacon of resilience and international camaraderie.

Why Anza, Agadir Is the Perfect Venue

Anza, Agadir, a city renowned for its breathtaking coastline and vibrant surf culture, is set to be the backdrop for the championship’s thrilling kick-off. This marks Morocco’s debut on the IBC World Tour, promising to attract some of the globe’s most talented athletes to its shores. With local legends Brahim Iddouch Anas Haddar and Ilias Boufouchk already confirmed to participate, the event is a showcase of local talent and international prowess.

The Venue’s Dynamic Nature

Though the championship is slated for Anchor Point, known for its world-class waves, the dynamic nature of the sea means that the exact location might shift in response to the swell forecast. Fortunately, Taghazout Bay is a treasure trove of surf spots, ensuring an exceptional experience regardless of the final venue choice.

A Glimpse at the Competitors

The championship is buzzing with anticipation as it welcomes competitors from around the globe. Among the highlighted entrants are Merlin Bies from France and Jacob Romero from Hawaii, both of whom have received wildcards for the Pro Junior Men and Pro Men’s Divisions, respectively.Romero, in particular, is celebrated for his dynamic and unpredictable style that has made him a standout figure in the sport.

A Prize Pool to Inspire Excellence

Adding to the excitement is the announcement of a generous prize pool totaling USD 60,000, divided across three divisions:

Pro Men (USD 30,000),

Pro Women (USD 20,000),

Pro Junior Men (USD 10,000).

This substantial prize underscores the event’s commitment to celebrating and supporting the athletes’ incredible talent and hard work.

Looking Forward

As we edge closer to the event, the anticipation within the bodyboarding community and among fans is palpable. The World Bodyboard Championship Moroccan Pro is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of the sport’s enduring spirit, a showcase of international talent, and a testament to Morocco’s emergence as a premier destination for the global bodyboarding scene. Let the countdown to an unforgettable chapter in bodyboarding history begin!


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